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Quiet Forest

Practice Keeping Silence

Practice keeping silence by starting with beginning with a brief silence.  Then as you breathe more deeply, lengthen your silence over time.  

I invite you to become aware of your breathing.  Feel the air enter your lungs and fill your chest and then down into your belly.  Then, as you breathe in slowly count to 4 silently.  Hold it for one second and begin to exhale slowly on the count of 4 or 6.   As you breathe in, feel peace entering every cell of your body.  

As you breathe out, imagine blowing away all the worry, anxiety, and cares.  Then breathe in peace again.  

As you feel your body slow and relax focus on this as you continue your deep breathing.  Try to breathe in a peaceful phrase such as one from a Psalm, “You, O Lord are my rock, my safety, my refuge:  in you, I stand secure” or another meditative phrase, such as, "I am rooted and grounded firmly.  I am safe.  I can heal."   Repeat this over and over to yourself.  

May you experience peace, hope, and safety.   

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