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Girl Relaxing

Deep Breathing

Proper breathing is one of the most effective techniques for reducing stress.  Two of many breathing techniques used to reduce stress are listed here.


Awareness Breathing:  

1.  Take a break.  Think about what's causing you to feel tense for a few seconds, and then put these thoughts out of your mind.

2.  Relax your arms and shoulders.

3.  Slowly exhale.

4.  Now take a deep breath, letting your abdomen and then your chest fill with air.

5.  Exhale slowly, and repeat until your breathing is regular and steady.  As you do so, concentrate on each breath.

6.  Enjoy the feeling of being relaxed and in control.


A Quick Method

This can be done any time and anywhere, without interrupting your schedule.

1.  Relax your arms and shoulders.

2.  Close your eyes.  Take a deep breath and exhale.  Repeat.

3.  Concentrate on your breathing -- put aside all stressful thoughts.

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